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im trans ama
are you pissed that you wont be able to play as your trans gender in the pokemon games?
internazionale vs SMASH
He's has played at majors with Penta and sprout. Other than that calyx has stickers but never made it as deep into a major as hs and byali
Pro player quotes
r8 pickem
i wouldnt put a good team in the 3-0. better to put a shit team and be able to get more points for guessing whos going to go to the next stage. syman for 0-3.
Music thread
if you like rock or metal than the tribute album by ozzy osbourne is amazing. some of the best guitar work ever.
USA shooting
true,l but we can hope that nobody dies. its truly horrible when these events happen
Neymar accused of rape
He's going down the slope....
Steam/Csgo scams 2019
best one (worst one cause it has a likely chance of actually stealing from people) are the ones where they replace the . in a steam link with a , or a double // where there should be only one /
Im tired of mirage
id be ok with it if it wasn't played so much... try playing faceit in na before noon.... 9 times out of 10 its either mirage or cache. and for some un godly reason the 10th time someone manages to pic...
Troubley Blog
Web archive has a few iirc
FaZe vs Complexity
Faze down ass up
@NRG: -daps -FugLy
actually its dboorn and phantomlord but nt
Jussie Smollett
he deserves prison. this could have caused riots. imagine if there had been riots due to this, it would be like the LA riots all over again...
EZ way to suicide?
Best GTA?
Voice city had the best sound track, motley crue, Michael Jackson, Jan hammer, Ozzy Osbourne's and more. The sound track alone made it so much more immersive in terms of the setting