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Left handed mice
Will look into it, although that is an interesting fix for a company to do
How many souvenir drops you got this major?
I only used one account, I got 3. 2 from mirage (separate games not same one) and one nuke package. I also got 2 of those emotion things they added for the steam client
Top 10 anime of all time
Can we include movies? 1. Akira 2. Cowboy Bebop 3. Dragon Ball and dbz
GTX 970
Most definitely, I would make sure it works though. For that price it's good. Won't Max games out at 4k but at 1080p high it's pretty dang good
"best" free antivirus?
Windows defender and Malwarebytes. Along with common sense of course
top 5 powerest teams
Based on the title of the post.... The English language isn't one of them
tips to play pistol
Aim for head, practice on pistol only servers, and stay calm in situations where you have a disadvantage
CS Source
Depends, do you have the half life games or portal games? If not wait till the summer sale and get the valve pack or something as you get source and those other games with it for a very steep discount
Why the hate toward the USA?
They hate us cause they ain't us ;)
Rate my new PC
Not bad at all, should run games at Max settings (unless at 4k then like high settings)
saddest movie endings
not the ending but the entirety of the movie akira, absolutely fantastic animation for a late 80s movie that arguably has better animation than some disney movies. but the entire movie is fucked up an...
what logic, by that logic i could say michael jordan is the worst player ever to play in the NBA. and his accomplishments are nothing to show what his skill was or testament from teammates
Sexiest pro?
No, it's Sean gares
g2 roster question for you guys
Bring back clan mystik and verygames
Muscle cars
They really are awesome cars (in thinking of buying an 89 gta as a daily and putting the trans and in storage) only thing I really hate about them is the fact that the previous owner of my turbo trans...