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OpTic vs NoChance
thomas surreal dephh ALEX smooya go go need british t1 team
Nemiga vs LDLC
In fact roden on his previous team get really descent results. I played some games with him on face it he always finish at 30 kills at 2000 elo games. I really don’t understand how he can un perform l...
so more than the half of the squad.
Save the CS:GO scene!
dephh sureal alex Thomas from endpoint mezii
the more i play the worse i am
They are not playing dm everyday for pro cause they know it’s could be washed your game style if u focus to much on the aim. Most of time u got bad performance on match cause you are to much confident...
french rap
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-4YZ7UQRSg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JndFEKht7co https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGhKPm18E48 S.Pri Noir Nefkeu Damso 3 of my favorite french rappers i doesn't ...
Reason on CSS ?
The big prob with fnatic is when they got a great igl they bench him. #pronax #golden i like the consistency of xizt for igl he is really good at frag and support mid call i guess. -JW the most gre...
GOAT AWPers in CSGO history
Mertz is 1000x more skilled than f0rest and snax don't care about team performance. don't forget the only tournament f0rest win after his gold year with fiflarren was when makalele was in nip. ChrisJ ...
GOAT AWPers in CSGO history
don't forget Mertz don't forget Makelele don't forget ChrisJ in 2014 and 2018 don't forget allu don't forget xcurrate don't forget woxic don't forget skadoodle In my opinion Snax and especially f0re...
LDLC vs Liquid
LDLC ban inferno Liquid ban train LDLC pick overpass Liquid pick cache LDLC ban Nuke Liquid ban d2 Mirage dicider map
Waterboys vs 3DMAX
Maybe cause the leadership of happy was contest by the players. With Envy US the org never consider the affinity between the players. bodyy is the most underated player, he needed a real igl i guess h...
Best rappers
U mixed the new and Old school. I don’t like lil Wayne he was clearly a genius at his starting. Apologize for missing drake nas and Kanye. Jay-Z is good to but I don’t like it to Busta is not my kind...
Best rappers
1. Migos 2. Tory Lanez 3. A$ap Rocky 4. Travis Scott 5. Lil uzi vert 1. J Cole 2. Bryson thiller 3. Logic 4. G- eazy 5. 21 pilots Entertainement ( i prefer) and lyrics boys. For both 1. Tech ...
3DMAX vs Boys in Blue
He don’t left. He was called by kioshima scream and hadji team name is now left out