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FURIA vs Vitality
Omg shox cancer
Top 10 igl
1. Gla1ve 2. Karrigan 3. Pronax 4. Ex6tenz 5. zeus 6. Msl 7. Fallen 8. golden 9. Stanislaw 10. Nitro American it’s coach gameplan I guess
Astralis vs G2
Hope g2 slovak gonna crash and they will compare with esl NY. Fuck international team we got only one French team now.
GamerLegion vs Nemiga
Yeah and I guess nip is looking for sniper so drakes and plessen are on the top of the list
Liquid vs G2
No the new g2 play good ct side inferno with timer and smoke. Was pretty hard to pick area against them.
Worst country you visited?
please dont resume a country to one town. Especially the worst town.
Aristocracy vs Sprout
Yeah already 10 years .... Stop say shit. They start in June 2018 without taz. Next time you comment please click on the team page.
Underrated players
Right best French mate. Regular and humble
all famous teams fix
and u destroy vitality ? G2 : Happy jackz amanek kennyS Kioshima Vitality : Rpk ALEX ZywO apex shox
Could Happy go back to Tier 1?
Yes it’s will be smart Sixer and happy good game sens and good rifle
1.4 sens users come
400 dpi 1.7 for the real ;) need a big mouse pad
France come here
The life cost in Paris is really expensive. The minimal salary is 1100 €/ month, But if you want have home 20 m2 it’s cost something like 700€/month more than half of your pay. At least u need but foo...
top 5 igls csgo all time
You need to know the difference between team captain and in game leader. Team captain it’s more about hiring players or rights on veto/ban map. The team captain is often the igl but not everytime. The...
G2 so bad at majors
Fxyo toxic player I beat him in lan at the first year of counter strike. He was so mad and hungry of his mate