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bubzkji to c9
dephh will be a great addition
MIBR player's destiny
mibr Kngv Fallen trk boltz fnx / lucas1 will be great
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
:/ bored to see this match on semifinals ! Both better than liquid currently cause liquid need Time to fix things with grim on their gameplan !
blameF overrated
Sorry but angel is one of best fragging igl in the world idk why he never go to navi and leave shit hellraiser
His nickname is inspired RPC who was a Top French source player from aAa at the beginning. Casters call him « le tank » Cause he never die on source on CT side when he was fixing a spot. After that he...
Five-seven broken
Ofc he got time to flash and revenge but the flash should be just a distraction... really bad play for them
Disband 3 Teams then make a team.
Yes he is best French aim currently
Disband 3 Teams then make a team.
Zywoo Body Hadji KennyS Apex
MIBR vs FaZe
No. They never be carried when they lift their trophy. Ofc coldzera was top1 world player On this year but fallen was top3 fer top 10 and boltz something like top 17. Currently mibr is not good cause...
Create your own team
Body support Hadji entry Zywoo Revenge KennyS Sniper Maka Lurker / igl Coach ex6ztenz / harts
Budapest Five vs LDLC
-lambert + happy still under contract I guess Afro deserves time to adapt I guess
Na'Vi Hobbit
The only thing he won was with Zeus on igl. Bombl4 is better than hobbit just look their crosshair placement ...
Agree. Hope it’s gonna give them more confidence on lan :)