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cos furia is sg team, once its nerfed they will go back to being tier 3
G2 vs fnatic
Just needs time to get used to it.
G2 vs fnatic
Basically they're using the dota TI playoffs method. I think its good because it gives chance for teams to get back if they screw up 1 bo3 playoff game.
Is huNter officially the best Serbian/Bosnian player ?
NiKo is having the usual star player becoming igl syndrome where once they become igl they lose that killer instinct of a star player and think too much.
Meh, dont count Blast as a major event because of their RNG Bo1 formats
G2 vs HellRaisers
Damn so many mad bettors here ROFL
Although shox has won big events with him leading, dont remember what big events niko has won when hes leading though. However you are right, shox leading also doesnt work as its very inconsistent.
G2 vs fnatic
lol nah its fnatic who shld disband if they cant win against a mix team with 0 practice days before tournament.
we'll see, so far it looks promising
Lol he joined vitality to not igl anymore, thats the point of his move and anyways vitality had leadership problems between nbk and alex so they already know beforehand that when shox comes he is just...
Which is why women orgasm even if they are just talking to him
G2 will win ESL One New York 2019
Idk, but when you said its not even your real opinion then what is real about your life man?
G2 will win ESL One New York 2019
Guess what. . . . . . . . . . . . . All this time I'm speaking from inside your brain and this is actually your own real thoughts fighting against your own facade.
G2 will win ESL One New York 2019
bruh im living rentfree in your head by you replying to me, so thats a win for me already. and imagine living your life just to "bust" fans of shox... its really fucking sad bro
G2 will win ESL One New York 2019
rolezK1 is way over his head he is not bright he has the biggest know-it-all personality in the world he always wants to be right even though he is shit at being right he can't play hltv bait he can'...