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actually he was convicted in 3 instances :)
Hideo Kojima is a hack
Yeah. MGS3 left a mark in my heart forever. The best game I've ever played, with a beautiful and sad story.
Hideo Kojima is a hack
Hideo Kojima was the director, producer, designer and also a writer of MGS3. The fact that Fukushima was involved in the writing of the series, doesn't mean that he did it all alone HAHUWUH. There was...
Hideo Kojima is a hack
you clearly never played metal gear solid 3. Powerful history shown in an amazing gameplay.
Brazilian plastic fans
It's possible
Yeah mens, so annoying. Glad I always chose android
CS GO Messi, who?
Actually, Pelé has 757 goals in official matches, against these "pros". And about these "pros" you're talking about, like if they weren't professionals: Pelé had the exact same conditions than they ha...
I understand what you are saying and I agree. There is a lot of bad players that keep buying the awp and getting those easy kills, but whenever they need to actually do something in the game besides w...
Your sensitivity?
1200 dpi 1.25 sense raw input off 1000 hz
Coldzera haters come here
People are dumb. Cold is one of the bests and a legend without a doubt.
Curitiba would be nice
yeah sure, 'cause 0-28 happens in every game. You'll always remember 7x1 they hit this score in a match. This is forever mens
Brazil hate deserved
Well, your country is more violent than mine, with more homicides per 100.000 habitants. Your country has 30% unemployment rate, mine has 12% and going down. Your country has recently attacked foreign...
Brazil hate?
That IS true, but only in certain regions of Brazil. If you would analyze the stats, you'd see that the violent cases are concentrated in certain regions (like northeast), and that in other regions th...