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Boombl4 = Boombla
Boombl4 = Boombla
+5 hahahaha
G2 vs Vega Squadron
ez for peniS
Best 3-0 choice
s1mple vs Coldzera
that typo, "fagging" HAHAHA
If North doesn't win the ICE challenge..
keep your tier 2 team sticker bro
girl I like
i think im in a much more worse scenario bro.. i do what you want me to do, like when i dont talk to her, i play games like dota 2, but when i play, the thought of her still lingers and let's say we'r...
girl I like
bro every time when im without her, i just think about her, i guess im obsessed man, she really is the best for me, i just want to be with her, i dont become happy unless im beside her... idk man how ...
girl I like
i dont know bro, i dont want to be that guy who just quits on her (just like her ex did to her) she will just tell me that im just a dick as well, i want to be there for her always bro, i want to sho...
girl I like
i understand what you are saying but i am really in to her and i couldnt see myself doing this anytime soon because i am dedicated to having her, and trust me sir if i quit on her? she will not chase ...
girl I like
XD i want to drink more bro but i know beer and alcoholic beverages taste like shit but they are the best when you feel shitty, maybe i will drink whenever im broken, someday, i can feel it's coming
girl I like
+1 i understand what you are saying but it's hard to give up when you've come a long way, you dont know what ive been through, i only chatted her for 4 months straight, without personal contact, just ...
girl I like
Bro I do not want to give up until something happens between the two of us... or maybe i give up when she chooses another guy which hurts more, man trust me i feel like if im going to do what you say,...
girl I like
I mean she knows that I like her already, i confessed last december out of a certain reason, and sometimes i throw some cheesy lines when we are together and while chatting, the thing is she knows tha...