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Kanye west is trash!
no sir im not being racist here, im pertaining to a group of people dont get me banned! im your friendly neighborhood
Kanye west is trash!
nigga / niger with trash music = trash personality, nigers at its finest (don ban plz, not using the word niger / nigga for racism thx)
homosexuality is a fucking disease/sickness bro needs to be treated before it gets worse, how tf does 2 people with same gender reproduce, i mean come on its logic! homosexuality will someday be the c...
most famous guy in ur nation
calum hood
Top 5 fav pros
coldzera s1mple niko device olof
cold in top 3
+1 what i meant, we're just half way through 2018
cold in top 3
the fuck u smoking go read my reply again i said he CAN be, 2018 is not yet done, i hate drugs
cold in top 3
he can still be top 1 who knows, i mean if he can bring back his old form on the last 6 months of 2018 who knows. Im hoping but i doubt, he still got it as you can see, he can go toe to toe with s1mpl...
yeah tim should just give his spot to a much more deserving player who really loves csgo and does not consider being a pro as a job that he's gonna hate, loving other games more than the game the lite...
Tarik wants another MAJOR
Yes he does train/warm-up off stream, but him choosing fortnite over cs most of the time on stream really irritates me and gives away the fact that he's really not dedicated as a pro csgo player. See ...
Tarik wants another MAJOR
Yeah right I know that he's joking about being fortnite pro, but you can feel it and see it when he streams, he even thinks twice on what to play, whether fornite or cs, and reasons out that not all t...
Tarik wants another MAJOR
good step by tarik and stew to join mibr, no need to play with people like ska rush and tim who are not so dedicated to the game, rush (doesnt even a lot most of his time on CS, tim (keeps on talking ...
olof afraid for his job ?
idiots cant understand personal issues, youre dumb as fuck if you think faze will get coldzera, they dont need that type of player