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Got friendzoned
what were the actual words she told u? just translate in english thx im just tryin to help here hehe
compLexity vs MIBR
ez for godzera top 1
MGK > Eminem
mgk sucks he's doing all this to get everyone's attention, it's like lavar ball talking trash to michael jordan just to get everyone's attention, its tested and proven idk why u guys are biting the ba...
make a t1 team
fox wtf? lol nice joke
make a t1 team
HUNDEN HUNDEN (2) HUNDEN (3) HUNDEN (4) HUNDEN (5) Coach: Hunden
MIBR vs HellRaisers
Na'Vi deserves a major !!!
8/8 reply
because he's the only portuguese player that is well known even though he's bad lol
fox sucks now and also sucked way back then, even when he did standin for SK he sucked so bad, he even wanted the awp over fallen sometimes lmao. was just carried throughout his stay on sk tbh, sk wer...
their latest game against imperial was stupid, tempo storm not giving him the awp even though fox and hs sucks at it, i mean isnt it a must that your top fragger gets the gun he is comfortable playing...
I rate rappers and rap songs
dude we'll know most of his songs are meaningful and i respect him, even though there's a lot of controversies around his name. he's a decent artist, doesnt waste his fame on creating shit music
I rate rappers and rap songs
ok so to be clear im generalizing the rappers who just creates song about sex, murder, drugs. they are shit.
I rate rappers and rap songs
if i see 6ix9ine and other shitty mumblers get 8/8 here im reporting this thread ty
My gf is 15 yo...
I mean tbh coldzera is a fucking GOD, dominating the whole scene for 2 straight years and proving it by being top 1 on hltv twice and by winning as much tournaments as he could with the team. I'm a fa...