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s1mple fake top1 2019
Well , unpopular opinion but Elige and Device deserved #2-3 more than s1mple. He had good start but then the team crumbled so he deserves top4-5 at best.
Mouz NiKo?
"niko listen to niko" is not gud.
do I look scandinavian?
Well ... female hands , big phone - not gud combo
do I look scandinavian?
There is another word that is forbidden here like the N word unfortunately.
rate hltv rank
3 at best , worst by far.
Mouz NiKo?
-chrisJ +big ego selfish player Not the best idea.
Mouz NiKo?
ye in some old washed up squad , preferably matchmaking.
s1mple fake top1 2019
You know there is absolutely no way s1mple to be #1 in 2019 , right? IF <( key word ) he is by ANY chance , hltv is biased AF. He dont deserve even the #2 spot this year. In 2020 , sure i dont mind if...
Reddit > HLTV
Well , the main difference is that people there take everything a bit too serious , they lack humor way too much , like germans. And here everything issa joke so...
FaZe blameF
lul. facts men)) them divas niko and coldzer0 keep tilting their teammates and rage on them because they cant lead a team. They need actual alphas rather than betas like niko and cold. botko and cold...
Hu cars? Its obvious that zywho is #1 and s1mple is #2 although had HAD to be #3 at best
FaZe blameF
Okay , listen -rain -olof +benten +blameF Why ? Because if niko is whining like a horny grill , blameF gonn beat his ass , same goes for toxiczer0. BotKo igl ambition is over! Make it happen lul...
Astralis may be big brain?
Look at Freakazoid and Pasha - no benefits from steroids. Very bed pleyerz men))) and look at Blame "Hulk" F - absolute alpha ruling the game. Be thicccc
Jame top 1
Many players shouldnt be in top20 but... welcome to hltv.
geng pls
Dont bet if you cant lose? They won ofc , thank mr. Best Polish Playa.