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anime experts come here
Don't know if already said but: Hao to Gensou no Grimgar Kino no Tabi Spice and Wolf Berserk (but please the manga)
Worst anime you've watched?
Oh I totally get you. Man even FairyTail has a better story, heck even Black Clover is better than this shit. To call a Manga which won the "worst manga ever" award better than Accel World is quite he...
Worst anime you've watched?
until ep 14 or so?, around 60-70%. Last scene was where that one dude tried to blackmail the MC.
Worst anime you've watched?
Well angels of death is a 8bit game and they did everything differently in the Anime. Can perfectly understand, real shitshow for a very enjoyable game. (most hatable thing is how they changed the des...
Worst anime you've watched?
Accel World probably.
AGO vs Nordavind
It actually was lul
AGO vs Nordavind
let's hope 3rd time is the charm :D
weeb levels
best anime of all time
The problem with MAL Scores is simply the following: Even though you can rank from 1-10, which would mean the average "should" be 5.5. But if you check the average rating, it would be around 7+. In ad...
best anime of all time
Tiger and Bunny, according to Japan. Source: Well the original link to NHK is no longer available (that was the link btw http://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/anime100/ani_report/)
+1 This man knows what a good fight is
16-0 teams
16-0 teams
The one to carry. The original one on a plate was in Turkey.