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Why G2 top 1
shox too has never been known for being a mastermind IGL making insane strats, it's relying on individualities. G2.2 w/ the superteam was relying on individualities, and this new line-up too. I think ...
Why G2 top 1
It was a BO3 not a BO1 on Cache so stop to use the "CACHE EXCUSE" thanks !
U don't understand He said "but G2 beat Vitality on WESG", but WESG was online qualifiers, and Vitality were w/ Happy and G2 w/ bodyy etc, but Vitality beat G2 on lan in Charleroi one week ago, I don'...
MDRRRR t'es mad mon pote c'est pas possible Tu vois pas la vérité en face mec, et c'est super triste ! J'comprends pas en plus cette mentalité de comparer, frère ça fait 3 ans on a la pire scène, on ...
T'as pas juste pas de personnalité et de répartie, t'es aveuglé par la bite de shox enculé de ta mère
why u ctrl c + v this answer of @nzzm22 ? on this thread : https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2033470/g2-best-in-france Vitality 1st lan, they win it :) Ur answer is pure shit (t'es qu'une merde a...
but LAN (and in front of French crowd) > Online qualifiers :)
isn't him who is crying, it's u my friend
Why is NiP in Pre-relegation
they can dude imagine - kio - NBK - apEX - ZywOo - kennyS TOP5 SURE
Why is NiP in Pre-relegation
They need to do some changes dude :( They beed to bring back kio and they can be top 5 itw for sure men
Why is NiP in Pre-relegation
/open NiP sucks /close
Make a team
- kennyS - NBK - apEX - ZywOo - shox or kioShiMa Top 3 ITW and can beat ASStralis
G2 > Vitality
HAHAHAHAH T'es où maintenant ???? hahahahaha
G2 comeback
sure about that ?