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Germany come
What you can drink (depends on your taste): Jever (more bitter than most of the others), Beck's (pretty standard), Krombacher, Radeberger, Astra, Holsten (if you can't find Astra), and many more (Thos...
[18+] Girlfriend
Yu're not mai frent, mai frent. Yu're mai brosser mai frent.
Csgo owner retard?
"high ranks mg1+" OMEGALUL
Most Significant event in your country
Maybe co-founding the EU. Also reunion of western and eastern Germany.
Brooklyn 99
Absolutely! Reminds me of Scrubs in the art of comedy, also it has Andy Samberg, which is a really good comedian (u know "The Lonely Island"? That's him!)
1 to 10 in your language?
German sounds angry, I heard. So it should be better: EINS! ZWEI! DREI! VIER! FÜNF! SECHS! SIEBEN! ACHT! NEUN! ZEHN!
Good Gaming Chair for about 180€?
Not really a gaming chair, but MARKUS by IKEA is a really comfortable chair for long gaming sessions. Many Streamers, YouTubers and gamers are using it - myself too.
next gun for cs?
I know bruh. Just making jokes about German rifle "scandal" with that rifle. It is inaccurate on permanent fire :)
GoT confirmed
Let's go LDLC! Nothing against VP, but they should fall hard to realize that it's time for hard changes. Send the roster home and build a new #1 polish team from the existing pro players around - like...
next gun for cs?
Like the SSG in hard? Sounds good!
next gun for cs?
G36 - and then it never hits the target :D
RTX 2070 or GTX 1080
Yeah. Short explanation: NVidia is naming their gpus -60, -70 and -80 - often some with Ti which are more powerful than the ones without Ti on it. 1080: Best gpu of the last series (except the Ti of ...
Your birthday
Same <3