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Toronto Artistic Orchid Association
+1. Can't have 2 star players. Jks already has that spot.
I wasted half of my life
+ 1 fuckin thousand
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
I would put Order there, and behind them you have so many teams that are so close and could honestly beat each other on any other given day. its a close top ranking in aus: - Greyhound - Order (Conte...
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
Ustilo has gone from playing on Renegades, who were #10 in the world at one point, to bottom fragging most games on a team struggling to beat a, at best, top 6 aus team. So this is what it has come to...
Renegades vs ViCi
Renegades vs ViCi
Grat dies on short, losing awp. Yet jkaem still peaks it.... I don't get it.
Renegades vs Aequus
It seems so. But that is a entirely different topic for an entirely different sub forum, I merely had my topic focused on the original settlers. best we end it now before it gets out of hand my friend...
Renegades vs Aequus
I know. but those settlers weren't Australians, a generation hadn't yet been born on the country yet, so it was still 100% Europeans who did the killing. At that time, Australia was also an extension ...
Renegades vs Aequus
Europeans slaughtered aborigines****. Australia and its inhabitants was the results of that.
Renegades vs Aequus
>Mexico >Insult other countries Pick one
Renegades vs Aequus
European teams can move to NA to play. Asian teams can move to Europe to play, we saw that recently with ViCi in a European online competition. Nothing is stopping them, yet they will still get to pla...
Renegades vs Aequus
> 4 players from Oceania > 1 player from Europe "They should play in the NA qualifier" OK Bud
Gym users come here
He is stronger on the right. i'm a left handed guy and my left arm is stronger then my right in one arm exercises. every person has it. just means he has to watch his form so both arms are working tog...
Gym users come here
Yeah, you can certainly do pull ups like that. it isn't a favourite of mine but can certainly be done. Hopefully I can get a video up for you of my technique: (This was wi...