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x6tence Galaxy vs HAVU
and where is RR now? Nowhere cuz they cant event pay to their players
Thank you so much :3
expert vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
Why so? Expert sucks on dd2 too
>EZ >From 14-1 to 16-13 vs Winstrike GL on Legends Stage
AGO vs Movistar Riders
Yeah sure 5v3 4v2 x2 Keep goin'
Spirit vs Winstrike
Damn, smb really cares about this cis matches with 50k$ prize pool? Rofl
FURIA vs Spirit
Oh hey, it's you again, what's up dude? Still betting on matches with CIS teams and crying after? Poor little bettor
Mythic vs iNTACT
iNTACT is full team of bots just like him, isnt it?
>hero He can play only against braindead teams like Imperial or Bravado
expert vs AGO
for AGO maybe, cuz "expert" are very low on points meanwhile AGO need them af. It's a great opportunity for them to earn some points, i think
Well, gj dude! But, did it still interesting as in the first time for you?
You mean Danger Zone? You see, developers created that "new gamemode" just to attract new people in game. The only reward you can receive is MP5SD skin and some XP, but that makes no sense, this gamem...
Spirit vs Gambit
Just stop betting, what's the problem?
Spirit vs Gambit
I told ya yesterday : "dont bet on this cis shit" and u are still betting Name checks out
Vexed vs Tricked
So, after lost force, 4vs2, pistol and deagle force on Mirage, Tricked suddenly became gods? One more, after that stupid 1 vs 3 with Acor, Vexed forgot how to play cs, f*ck this rigged tournament