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he communist so no
CIS-Asia > EU-NA
Yes they should have a general qualifier that all the teams go against each other for 8 slots. Every team plays every team in a season sorta thing to ensure no terrible Asian team gets through because...
Was Liquid's win legit?
Who else would be annoyed other than the viewers?
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
I’m agreeing with you but there has only been 1 intel grand slam. Hahaha. If there was one in 2015 and 17, fnatic and Sk would have won them (probably)
Astralis' nuke
I think it is sad that such a prominent map from 1.6 now only has 1 team that is good on it as Volvo have transformed it into something that almost all teams (but astralis) is willing to play. The 32 ...
best? dev/cold/s1mple/niko
Which didn’t he deserve
faze vs ghost
man this has to be down there with cologne 2014 pgl 2017 faceit 2018. The difference is it wont even make it on this list coz no one cares about it :D:D
??????????????? astralis plays round device. also look at s1mple entry stats - if his team did play round him then he would have double the stats he has now
Electronic first player in history
but s1mple was the one who got them, it was more because he was in the shawdow of s1mple. if you were to remove s1mple (and navi still had the same results) electronic would be the clear mvp
good dm server
brutal ffa and retake servers are good quality (depending on how good your connection to sweden is)
S1mple doesn’t have anyone baiting for him, look at opening kills and entry stats.
s1mple #3 CONFIRMED
https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/compare/11893/ZywOo/7998/s1mple?p1TimeFilter=2018&p2TimeFilter=2018&p1MatchFilter=BigEvents&p2MatchFilter=BigEvents&p1MapFilter=allMaps&p2MapFilter=allMaps Zywoo bas...
S1mple LUL
btw how do you do that i wanna trigger some people
3 best raw aimers of all time (csgo only)
Read thread - “all time csgo” used to be good aimer would count
3 best raw aimers of all time (csgo only)
Clearly if your looking at great aim by peak than this is his peak and he can be one of them. Also there are many clips of snax like that so just use your eyes and find one. I’m not saying he’s top 3 ...