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Liquid Overreaction
liquid won t side 11:4 and lost ct side 4:11. Supposedly the best team with great individuals and they lose ct side nuke that badly
Liquid Overreaction
should #1 team lose to team outside #30
CS 20 Year Anniversary
good vertigo sucks
CS 20 Year Anniversary
New cache?
AUG-SG ruined CSGO
they should increase the price to 3500 and decrease m4 to 2900 to balance economy out for t CT
How to pass my English test?
Yes but you have to write garabage like i am sitting there half the time trying not to laugh at the crap I write: the simile “like a goldfish” perfectly describes the intelligence of “stay_thelegend27...
Trump wants to privatise the NHS
I've heard it recently. Boris is getting charged with lying in a public office for it(that we will get 350 million) hahaha . case started like a week ago
Faze gonna be top 3 soon
Top 1 on very good day just because skill ceiling otherwise I’d say at best 3 or 4 atm
ZywOo bot
If there is a decent awper on the server even at global he will too frag if he keeps i5 for many rounds.
vitality = navi 2.0
So navi = s1mple + Russian roulette + 3 bots
ZywOo bot
Tbh it’s sort of OP in matchmaking, bu5 it’s expensive. At a pro level it is different because there are strats in place to make awper life really difficult (most of the time). It is actually really h...
Liquid vs FaZe prediction
cus its funny
Fitness people come
if you ask for some1's height and theyre like 180cm your like "WHY?". just say 6 foot
Liquid vs FaZe prediction
bit of a biased source
Liquid vs FaZe prediction
weak arguments, if they just played default they should ve won because of their firepower. + liquid have strats? i haven't seen many they just rush with smokes that astralis shows them every time they...