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valorant community
credit card details, passwords, ect are all on your system. The anti-cheat could be used to gain complete access to your system. If valorant were to be hacked and the hackers could manipulate the anti...
Oral hygiene
I thought you could actually read - " such as toothbrushing frequency and force of brushing. While abrasion resulting from routine oral hygiene can be considered as physiological wear over time, inten...
Valorant problems
And i think the maps are competitively flawed as well. I think this is the thing that is annoying me the most as i play it, is that the maps don't feel fun or competitive to play on either side. they...
Valorant problems
I agree. Also the problem with the characters is if you need to flash or a position smoked, in cs anyone can do it them self but in valorant you have to ask a team mate for a flash or a smoke because ...
Oral hygiene
Mouz needs roster move?
nah just go niko IGL s1 cold zywoo elec i actually wanna see how good or bad this actually is
S1mple doesn’t bait either, best opening kill stat 2018
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
i think he had very good skill 13-16 (top 5) but since then he isnt even top 20 in terms of individual skill since 2017 and i think it is his team that set him up to do best. in 2018 s1mple was always...
Top 20 Of 2019 Confirmed
ZywOo doesn't deserve top 1 this year
https://www.hltv.org/stats?startDate=2019-01-01&endDate=2019-12-31&matchType=BigEvents&rankingFilter=Top5 https://www.hltv.org/stats?startDate=2019-01-01&endDate=2019-12-31&matchType=BigEvents&ranking...
astralis didnt lose a single map at iem beijing
good enough to 2 or 3 - 0 those teams i think so
astralis didnt lose a single map at iem beijing
yes thats why i said "on form" i mean if they played like they did last couple of events that they won they could have done it
astralis didnt lose a single map at iem beijing
ok but they played ViCi NotsoEZ4ENZE, 100 theives, faze on a very bad day, and 100 thieves again so i mean its not really that hard, liquid or EG (when they are on form) could have done it. Im even go...
Blast format sucks
im sure astralis only stayed in the top 5 in april because they won one and came 2nd in one of these luck fests