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Do you like playing CSGO with the AUG meta?
I like playing b short too man. I think AUG would be pretty powerful watching connector (and maybe even cross to triple) from b short. Keep up the good fight man.
Do you like playing CSGO with the AUG meta?
I like the input guys. I haven’t had a chance to play since October since I recently moved half way across the country, but I’d love to get back into it as some point. Sounds like the meta has changed...
Sad. The times are changing.
Not counting map 3 of C9/Furia occurring right now, here's some stats: 991 rounds have been played so far this major 590 rounds have been won by CT (60%) 401 round shave been won by T (40%) 24 out o...
Why Astralis = Boring Team
I could watch xyp9x do what he does all day long
I know man. By the score it seems to be a competitive match so far! I want to watch!
Twistzz giving his opinion
This event is such bullshit
Wtf I want to watch faze/ghost what is this shit
RiP Pasha's Huge biceps <3 :(
Looks like what happens to every kid in America that plays high school football. Goes into freshman year of college jacked and in shape, and by the time they get to junior year, drinking 30 packs of b...
csgo battle royale boring
I would much rather they do a conquest style game mode similar to the battlefield series. Would be similar to the project reality mod for battlefield 2, which was awesome.
What sensitivity do you guys use
What shirt do I buy?
I got this deal on amazon the other day. 12 t-shirts for $8.50. Insane deal
New headset!
Why no sennheiser?
worst roster change in csgo history
Oh yes you are correct. Terrible moves.
Suggest headset
Sennheiser obviously