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Who am I to deserve people reading my Bio?
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Ur best map and how u play on it?
Train CT - B lower from afar and ct rotator to retake A T - entry first timings depending on spawn vs Endpoint
Apparently, the guy with 1.68 Impact
sh1ro omegalul
From another perspective, clutches equal to rounds won, while you can still lose the round, even if you get the opening kill early in the round.
NaVi - the most idiotic team
You’re welcome
Well, he literally said that he heard rumors of him being like that in the past, and also mentioned, that when he plays with s1mple, he’s the one encouraging them (We can still do it guys, etc.)
Least patriotic country
I have a groupmate from Kazakhstan, and according to him, the majority of patriots are elders and younger generations that were affected by elders, which sometimes even confuse patriotism with nazism ...
Ence new ranking today?
Yes, what I meant, was that the OP and others expected them to be 22 or higher
Ence new ranking today?
For what? They won’t get any event points, and will only receive points for three 2-1 wins and one lost game. I don’t believe they will receive 50+ points for that
"Broky no impact"
Then might as well see for myself, didn’t watch the map till the end, would be nice if it’s true
"Broky no impact"
3 opening kills on inferno? Doesn’t look completely different
It doesn’t have the same effect, but sure Also, I answered to your comment of the current HLTV ranking being biased, according to you, and not about how it should be
Will there be some point in time when people will learn to first understand how the ranking works, I wonder
-Basketball + Dodgeball Throwing balls at people > Throwing balls at circles
forgotten players
Ngl I remember once during a game I watched I literally hoped he wouldn’t check the corner so that he doesn’t miss it and flicks instead Tho he checked and still hit it, must be luck
CIS Ping abusers
VP core are major finalists and won a couple lans, so they should be able. Can’t be sure with others teams tho Edit: #43