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s1mple/ZywOo threads and comments
Nah, I didn’t mean to say that I feel bad for him or anything, I’m sure he doesn’t care about this, and he is surely satisfied with what he’s doing, just sad myself to see so much hate from people
s1mple/ZywOo threads and comments
It’s just that today is especially toxic, but it has always been the same. There is a lot more hate on s1mple daily, than on ZywOo monthly
s1mple/ZywOo threads and comments
s1mple/ZywOo threads and comments
How is that when the whole HLTV is full of hating on him, and not the other way?
s1mple/ZywOo threads and comments
Sure, expert
That carry
Judging his rifling skill by 1 map only, when he literally didn’t need to play with a rifle, since he was on fire with an awp... Hmm
But this exact Nuke map I wouldn’t dare call it NaVi baiting for s1mple, when it was literally s1mple peeking everything himself, with maybe 1-2 trade kills. I agree that he missed some important sho...
I wouldn’t put it like he choked, more like Liquid did well avoiding and countering him. Also we can’t expect him to win the round when his teammates die to Grim alone without a single trade, and it’s...
S1mple #1 is hopeless
s1mple in G2 would be good, I think. He and kennyS have somewhat of a similar aggressive play-styles, but with consistent s1mple instead of Kenny, G2 could have a biggest firepower in the scene. Not ...
As always s1mple ripping his ass off to carry them, but then flamie can’t kill FalleN when FalleN didn’t even notice him at first. FalleN even has enough time to notice, react, position his aim and sp...
s1mple fans why
> “ in France when we talk about zywoo we don't compare him to s1mple because we don't care we just say he's the best player in the world..” > authored threads: ZYWOO >>> S1MPLE
Ence new roster leaked
So, basically, some FPL mix + allu
Spirit rebrand
Yeah, looks like a mix of North with Furia