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hobbit wife
i aint engaged to no hobbit
Best battle royale?
So funny mr edge lord
Me and some friends have been following the show since season 1. It is a holy, sacred time of the year. And we have obviously watched every episode/season 2-3 times and are watching all 7 seasons aga...
Best map ever
seasoooooooooooooooooooooooooon miss that map :(
Sprout vs Windigo
Are you trying to show hltv, ASAP, that you are a delusional, retarded, ignorant newfag? ur doing a good job then
Try to beat Astralis!
Niko as igl Olof..... hahaha have you actually watched cs the last 2 years? probably wouldnt make top 5
Astralis new video thoughts?
Feel like it could have been better and more fun, but the xyp vs magisk fight was good
Top 5 ATM
> Actual unbiased top 5 right now >I base my top 5 on current form and who i think would beat who Right now. Sure, not unbiased at all :D:D:D::D Renegades are not > ence, mibr, liquid, navi.
the best era?
"It's easy for you to talk just bc astralis just won the major lol." They just won 2 in a row, 3 in total, you ignorant retard. "they got shat on by liquid just earlier this year." They have lost 1 o...
the best era?
Your logic is REALLY retarded bro. Like, mind-numbingly stupid and ignorant. You are saying that fnatic made all the other top teams look bad, while astralis are simply facing trash opponents all the...
the best era?
Yeah but the fact is that you only have this "opinion" because ur br, so its basically not an opinion but just being very biased. ONLY, and i repeat, ONLY, brazil ppl think/believe/dare say that SK h...
the best era?
Why would i bother checking your profile? We established that you're a swedish biased fangay already. If you cant accept that astralis' era is 10x more impressive than fnatics and nips, then you are i...
the best era?
That guy is a major retard and im pretty sure he knows. He spouts some bullshit and when ever it is (easily) countered by simple logic he stfu.
the best era?
>Fnatic era. As much as I am in awe of the Astralis for redefining the game meta, the lack of actual competition is hurting" >he never compared them you idiot. Stop be act like a child. omfg the low ...
the best era?
incredibe how many swedes want to discredit astralis. You simply cant handle not dominating anymore. Every dane and astralis fan can aknowledge the impact and era of swedish cs, but u arrogant cuckfuc...