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This is sad, but true. Some people here have done that and were probably inspired by the "aggressive"porn out there, which did cause deaths. So its a really good move. People with a little sense can u...
Its common knowledge that Zeus isn't the best fragger by a long shot but being a professional analyst you are supposed to be respectful towards the players coz you know what its like to compete at the...
Its fine to be critical but Thorin went as far as calling Zeus a bot, which as we know in CS is very disrespectful. So if you are gonna he a critic be respectful. Peace
Na'Vi undeserved final
NaVi just anti strat Astralis with aggressive plays all over the map and Astralis was caught off guard. This idea worked coz Astralis are Gods at playing slow rounds and struggle against Fast takes. A...
Mouz fix
People really need to give a team time to practice and settle before going full retard with Roster changes they think will work.
-Styko +Snax Strawpoll
You must be like 5 kid if that is your memory. Snax is a really good player who just had a bad year or so. So calm your tits kid.
FaZe ScreaM or G2 ScreaM
Faze Scream would be fine coz they just need someone to find a kill or two on entry. And the others can wrap up the round. Tho Scream does have matchmaking style decision making sometimes but his aim...
Who will win "ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018"
Liquid is playing great so i hope they win. But this tournament is gonna be close.
do people still use launch options?
I think there is a command -high to start the game in high priority mode. Only useful for low end PCs tho.
FaZe vs G2
Be loyal but honest! LoL N1 8/8
Got baited so hard lol! 😂 4/8
Kicked a player from matchmaking match
+1 I don't understand why they kicked him. Butthurt people in MM.