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2000 kids?
Well i wouldn't call someone as my copy but w/e, i don't think so. Why? Just because of different life vision and many stuff due to ukrainian life. I don't want to trashtalk or call myself better or s...
2000 kids?
Well ye i'm really lucky compared to other ukrainians, but as i said, i don't know why, but money for me is not something very important, like i need money to eat, for my home and basic stuff, i don't...
2000 kids?
but also i don't try to trigger you or other EU people but i feel like all EU ppl are small kids, i mean, they have no problems etc. etc., even if they have their problems are funny af for me or other...
2000 kids?
Well, no :D For example in 10 days i will travel in Greece (Crete) and i travel a lot right now. I'm from Kiev, capital of Ukraine and best city here and even in Kiev i'm higher than medium class ppl...
2000 kids?
Well i can't call myself full satisfied with my life, but i'm okay. Like 60-70% satisfied :D
best year of csgo?
Fnatic era, 2014-2016
Make a roster.
NiKo - lurker KRiMZ - support s1mple - AWP Electronic - entry Zeus - IGL
Well, i would prefer to live in Denmark instead of Ukraine i can't say is your government shit or not since i'm not educated in DK politics but Denmark for me is like top3 place to live in. Maybe that...
Liquid #1
No1 knows, but everything is possible, especially on hltv my men)
Liquid #1
Well, if we talk about points - yes, they have to be #1, but HLTV is danish site :>
-Stani COL?
i would like to see him in liquid instead of nitr0 tbh
"I wouldn't necessarily say that the country is a shithole." Yea, i wouldn't say aswell, just emotions, sorry bro :D Actually biggest +1 about your education system. Also IMO biggest USA problem is ...