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mouz vs vitality
Ez 2-0 for mouz vitality overrated af
Yes but they are bad on lan they need to replace kio for rpk definitely
Nah, both kinda poor don’t know for g2 but vitality can’t be any better with rpk Alex has kinda bad performance as well they should replace kio for rpk
R8 my new setup
How much did you spent?
s1mple vs NiKo
He is from Bosnia so...
Who do you think is the leader of muslims?
Mohammad is true leader of Muslims
MIBR just not working out
Oh come on they were building around cold-fallen-fer core it’s same shit they swapped players times and times again they all know each other well they should just drop felps and pick up better IGL
MIBR just not working out
Hahahah they played with same lineup in whole 2016-17 they’re just not good enough and yes major semi-final was solid run from them but huge fail at wesg they need to stop building around fallen-cold-...
Languages you speak
Yes but there are some differences such as accent and some words
Languages you speak
Bosnian Serbian Croatian English I can understand and read German Little bit of Slovenian Little bit of Macedonian
Windigo vs G2
Yes but I just realised that windigo will pick overpass it’s there strongest map
Windigo vs G2
Windigo removed Nuke G2 removed Train Windigo picked Mirage G2 picked dd2 Windigo banned cache G2 banned overpass Inferno was left over
major 2020
I know but last time they had major is 2015
major 2020
Btw DreamHack and ELEAGUE
major 2020
Paris and Mälmo