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FACEIT wtf????
go to faceits reddit and they will prob fix it
Pelosi x Trump
Our politicians aint good either.
5000$ on Astralis 2-0
EG "fans" CerQ is the highest rated player yeah sure but there is a 0.03 diffrence in rating and its two players so if cerQ leaves and EG gets a de...
Bo3 Grand Final
It is because the match gets so sloppy at the end of a best of 5 if it has been 25+ rounds in every match, aswell u will se maps that the teams rarely play and it can become a shitshow. It can still p...
wrist hurts
Thats still not very high, i have 1.4 800 dpi i guess its above average but my wrist doesn't hurt at all.
csgo lagging while getting notifications
I dont know alot about this but can't you just disable the notifications?
Thread on why G2 lost vs Mouz and seemed to lose vs Forze
Th is threadis stupid. Its just like saying NiP have been playing shit before the mayor to save strats but they havent they have just been playing shit just like g2 played very avrege for their skill ...
That doesnt mean they will be international tho as seen here
Berlin major age restrictions.
Well I don’t look that old puberty just hit so I still look I’m 13
They are from europe so they are an european team where is the education?
USTILO highest rated player of the tournament. He deserves the MVP
Best pornstar from your country?
Så lätt inte ens nära