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Arctic Monkeys x5
“Good evening” in your language
Buenas tardes
Do you like cs summit?
Yes, I just don't like casters, I mean, I don't like or enjoy (more precisely) what they talk about mostly
"SoCiaLism NeVER WorKEd"
Videla wasn't the problem
"SoCiaLism NeVER WorKEd"
+1 FF will be the death of Argentina (even though with Macri we were already dead)
I think is more about disappointment, I mean, G2 is constantly making changes and always everyone is expecting that with every change G2 will inmediatly win against top teams (which is not impossible,...
I was thinking just the same, I just lost the first map but when I saw it ended 16-4 and train was 10-5 I was like "This'll be easy" and then ATK jus overcome G2 and now they're losing, and yesterday ...
HOT or NOT ? #2
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
Muse Avenged Sevenfold Tool Beartooth Panic! At the Disco Guns n' Roses Stockholm syndrome (muse) Danger Line (Avenged Sevenfold) My own head (Beartooth) Death of the Bachelor (P!ATD) Patience (Guns ...
T1 Players NO Scene
We usually use it as an nickname and an insult, but I don't think someone uses it as a good call-name, is like asshole but less offensive
Luken maybe?
That hurts
Liquid roster Change not clickbait!!!
+1 NAF is maybe the most impactful player when he is on a good day, and even when he's not, he still manages to do some kinda cool things, but I watched maybe every match of Liquid and don't remember ...
JACKZ fucks shox
I think that he meant to say that "the problem" was not having five players to play the qualifier, and not that shox was the problem