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9 - 6 on T half m80 give it some time
Navi and vitality
does CS:GO have most toxic community among other videogames ?
Aaaaaahg I know it’s a mistake I had a long day yesterday lmao
does CS:GO have most toxic community among other videogames ?
Fuck why did I say oral, listen I’m half English and shocked at my own mistake lmao. Sometimes you don’t think amiright <3
Navi and vitality
apex legends
Agreed, whatever “inconsistency” problem he used to have, apparently it has disappeared with experience in Vitality. Constant driving force for the team, fearless entry / retaker
does CS:GO have most toxic community among other videogames ?
Definitely not, just look at LoL community. It’s fucking trash. Even if some people are good golden on it, chances are you’ll never even know because communication is so bad without oral chatting
UK Explain
Apart from when they can. Now stop being biased and go overthrow Mr Erdogan or something. Anyway, you have no say in this story
russians :(
FAKE INFO indeed I did a pretty solid comeback with two Russians in my team yesterday. 3-12 to 16-14 was neat on cache ct side <3
frankie.... and uk girls in general
Eh I wasn’t planning on being mean xoxo but yes <3 Btw there are some really qt Moroccans and North Africans in general
Completely agree, he can be ice cold and so clean to watch play
True I have no idea why he’s stayed in the Chinese scene for so long when he’s been speaking English and played at such a high level... But y’know personal choices
Fair enough, still just these tiny little details would have meant a stomp in favour of G2... Not going to take it away from Tyloo though, they won 16 rounds after all
Absolutely this, what a shame for this map
Yeah I don’t know, but with a bit of polishing that was definitely going to be a stomp lmao