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Fix Syria
How dare you speak shitty about The Shadow of the God on the Earth, the Saviour of Assyrian People, The Greatest Ruler of Syria, Mr. Doctor of Medicine, BESSAR ESAD?
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
Gotta remember that they hadn`t nuff ppl to make slaughters :/ Still I cant call that a state, if they only exist inside a castle... Seljuks were cruel as well, that was Middle Ages right?
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
What kind of legitimate government sends assassins to take out the Vezir, lolz.
Fix Syria
The constitution states that everyone living in Turkey with Turkish ID is Turk, nt.
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
I have not enough research about Sri Lanka. It is not about education of Muslims dude. The Christians living in Middle African countries participate in bloody local clashes, too. And I absolutely do ...
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
No there is not. World became global, terorism got global. You prevent them from bombing churchs by educating them. There is less to none terorists from Kosovo, Turkey or Tunusia right? Those are the ...
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
Yeah but under the banner of a government. We are speaking of terrorism here m8
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
The blame is all on the governments who cant control their citizens that transforms into terrorist and the governments who let in all the refugees uncontrolled. Turkey accepted so many Kurds, uncontr...
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
Yeah Muslim Kurds dont attack right, we gotta blame Zerdust Kurds instead, faceplam. I mean, how about many bombings and/or assassinations made by Ira, Eta, Asala, Eoka and so on?
Religion of Peace in Sri Lanka
Do you actually believe that terorist attacks would stop if Islam wouldn`t exist in the first place? Those mf find always an excuse to do so. That was Hashasism in Middle Ages, targeting Seljuks, Basq...
Ex-Spacesoldiers need time for esl finals
Buriix, pay some attention in English classes at the school, please amk.
OpTic vs ex-Space Soldiers
The last breath under the name of SS (and ex-SS). We learnt to love a team with no condition. SENİ SEVMEYİ AĞIR ÖDÜYORUZ!
Most sexy proplayers
Ronaldinho of cs?
Csgo showmatch idea
They better kneel before the Besiktas support player. Oh it's nobody but Juliano...