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Nexus vs HAVU
you will never see this while BTN is in team, he's the most toxic f4g i ever seen. Toxic+betting against own team all the time + he's bad af
SJ vs GameAgents
GA need a good couch/igl and they can actually play the game on a decent level
Nexus vs CR4ZY
What is he trying exactly? All i see is people trying to make plays, no "tactics"
Nexus vs CR4ZY
"Give it some time" Bro, he's in the team since like what, some years now? And pls, don't compare golden karrigan boombl4 with some dogshit who can't even frag vs tier999999 teams, let's not talk abou...
Nexus vs CR4ZY
He could go coach if he's "IGL" but iM said they don't have igl on stream.
Nexus vs CR4ZY
Kick ragga Pick whoever they picked Lose to ragga's mix Kick whoever they picked Pick Chanky Kick Chanky ( i mean, he sucks anyways so whatever ) The good part is they got rid of one bot But all of t...
HellRaisers vs Nexus
If you actually watched the game you can see they have no tactics at all, wasd+m1 taktik is not a tactic
HellRaisers vs Nexus
BTN Deadweight + matchfixer Chanky deadweight Xellow probably tilted cuz he has to play with 2 bots im and seminte are doing their work. Get rid of these 2 bots and Nexus could actually have a good t...
FATE vs Nexus
dead games?
+ prolly praccing
lvlUP vs NAVI Junior
i remember the days when if your game was on HLTV you was a really good team and deserved it and people had to see a lot quality cs. Now every trash team gets to have their game on hltv, including the...
mute banned in cs:go
soloQ is literally cancer, say thanks that you got muted, you could get a global ban for 40 days and you couldn't join any server that had VAC activated. Just find some people and play with them, that...
DonHaci is a garbage user.
good for him, banned shitface
finally they kicked btn