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ALLU and ZyWoo qualified
Europeans come here
Every dumbfuck was sent to Murica when the island was found, every retard got deported there, every guy that got kicked went there, and there you go, they just multiplied. NA BRAIN LUL
ENCE vs Windigo
You forgot about GPlay, retard
Mythic new 5th
who cares
he's trash
FaZe AdreN
in your dreams
FaZe AdreN
niko doesn't need to be igl, he needs to focus on his killings. Faze is missing what Astralis has an igl that can madfrag. If they find the igl that can frag and be constant every game, then they will...
FaZe AdreN
bro, adren doesn't even have 1.00 rating on LAN, he has 0.97, he's the one that you overrated. Good player nowdays? zywoo, that's a good player another good player? s1mple, that's a good player not a...
FaZe AdreN
top5 world, ok. overrated player device his team is still top1
FaZe AdreN
sure it is, i watched his stream he failed every nade possible he failed every f2f aim duel he blamed it on "omg guys i'm tilted" ur being pro player and ur getting titled, are u dumb? low mental play...
f0rest immune to effects of aging ?
they will never think that way, in their eyes ur retarded and the reason for them losing it's you.
Leaked TOP 20
are you ok? zywoo has been playing vs retarded tier9999 teams his entire carreer, lately he joined vitality and he still played retarded teams like spirit/avangar/g2 + all the lowshits teams he playe...
f0rest immune to effects of aging ?
fk that, when i'm getting retards in team i kick them otherwise i can't play
Leaked TOP 20
because it's not fpl top20, bye
f0rest immune to effects of aging ?
people like get_right tend to be unstopabble when they are playing at full potential but on the other side of the story he's the one that loses motivation pretty quick. Let me give you an quick exampl...