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0-3 legends stage contenders
Zeus called his teammates out in an interview calling them lazy and unmotivated and that they had no chance at the major. It's probably partly true and also a strategy to motivate his players egos. It...
Why are you leftist?
Life is unfair. And since we're intelligent and not animals we should make our possible to organize society in a way that makes it less unfair. So I'm a leftist.
How to attract women
Like you would do with a bird or a dog. You put food in your hand and you start making strange noises with your mouth.
-rpk -alex
Exactly. As much as I want to have amanek and kio instead of alex and rpk, a team isnt just stacking players with good ratings. I think it would never work out on a human level. RpK like you said is a...
FaZe after Major
They should sign BnTeT
new gucci sneakers!
People who really have money dont go for these shitty brands with huge logos all over the place. Except if your family just went from farmer to millionaire over a generation. The guys that buy these p...
new gucci sneakers!
wrong reply
Yes. He was hired because he has high moral values (he raised funds for a good cause some years ago). This guy is highly regarded as one of the true hero of our times much like Marthin Luther King, Gh...
French CS and shox
Sure. But no country except danemark now and sweden back on 1.6 can compete with 2014 french CS.
French CS and shox
"Scene is one of the worst in the world" France has more players at the major than any other country except Russia and US. Nice try but our scene is top3.
"French s1mple" lmao
s1mple was playing against NA noobs and tier4 CIS at that time, wtf are you talking about
He should have gone for an international team 2 years ago. He would be in GuardiaN's socks, earning billions, fucking bitches and drinking champagne all day long.
allu > to1nou > ZywOo > *
WOW incredible. ZywOo is top 3. cu
What do you mean ?