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Clown9 explain
you mean misswell ?
I'm in "sports" mode (cause i'm an athlete) and I cant see your topic
-tarik +EliGe and you would have the most expensive team ever to never win any tournament
Greta haters come
The best scientifics and agencies working on the matter isnt relevant. Ok boy, good luck in your conspiracy world, you'll need it.
Greta haters come
We have all the evidence in the world that prove that climate is changing at an abnormal rate linked to human activities. This is scientificaly proven since decades so just stop. You're lying to yours...
Greta haters come
You're stupid, shut the fuck up and educate yourself. Thanks
Greta haters come
shut up
Greta haters come
Greta haters come
NASA is lying, ahAH
Greta haters come
What do you expect her to do? She's already doing a lot by raising attention and heated debates all around the globe. She cant take any actions at her level. Politicians have to on a global scale and ...
Greta haters come
Maybe what she means is that carring too much about adult problems destroyed her innocence and childhood. Especialy when you have asperger and can fully focus on one single problem since early age. If...
el camino movie
not at all unfortunately
el camino movie
NiKo carried by broky
Why do you want one of the best individual player in the game to do the dirty job ? I dont understand. He's the kind of player that can make you win a map just by himself. Very few players can. You ca...
NiKo laugh thread
They were never top30 with NiKo god and will never be top3 with NiKo igl