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Borat Giuliani scene
If I was 76 and a hot young girl started being sexual with me I would totally go for it. There was nothing really compromising in this scene.
Netflix shows
The Naked Director
wrath + Chaos
Yeah I know. But losing your IGL then changing players left and right and still be competitive is extremely rare. Especialy with young players.
French scene
Yeah Vitality is so shit. Top5 since the team was formed is so bad.
You can eat a lot of fat. Good fat is not a problem. The problem is sugar.
Foie gras
Me I can't eat basic boudin noir but I can eat tons of boudin antillais even though they are both basicaly cooked blood just with added spice for the antillais. Brain can be easily tricked :)
Foie gras
Well if you eat any charcuterie you've probably ate a lot worse than a liver but I can understand.
Foie gras
We kill billions of animals in horrific conditions but foie gras seems to be the problem in the US everytime France don't follow them in their stupid wars or they have something to rob them from (aka ...
KGB poisoning opposition has been a national sport since USSR. Nothing new here. Sometimes they die, sometimes they don't. But the goal is always same, they send a message to everyone that attacks hea...
partying expensive!
Obviously I dont drink the whole bottle, I buy it to not come empty handed. And 10 - 15 drinks during 10 / 12h is not that much tbf especialy with the low alcohol dosage at clubs.
partying expensive!
Ok but don't reply to me, I respect people that don't party and do more useful stuff with their time & money. But hard partying is also an experience in itself that deserves to be lived at least for s...