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Heat wave in Europe
nope, Bashkiria
Heat wave in Europe
10 days ago it was +22 2 days ago it was snowing Russia, huh
best movie you ever watched
The Theory of Everything, 2014
your life in 1 word
Low IQ or small penis
if you mean "low iq = being stupid" i choose small dick cos i'll be smart enough to make girls enjoy me any other way
Do not smoke
"If you think that smoking one cigarette would not leads you to addiction, trust me it will" No it didn't
[18+) Boobs?
Maybe, maybe Anyway I feel like that and there's my point. I think here we can finish the discussion
[18+) Boobs?
+1 about human mind but for example same girl might be cute for you and fugly for me. I mean beauty/attractiveness are really subjective for people. It's not science or math where 2+2=4 always. It's f...
[18+) Boobs?
also subjective is not necessarile wrong at least for me it's true
[18+) Boobs?
[18+) Boobs?
Am I the only who believes that human's body is disgusting? (both male and female but I usually pay attention to female only) Aaaaand same time girls attract me..
Wake up at 5 am
Playing too much every day makes cs not as interesting as it was when you played for example 1-2 games per day. If you play not too often every game becomes something special for you
Wake up at 5 am
It might be not the best way to spend your time. I mean you can make friends/travel/read books/ atl play other games [that are not going to die pretty soon lol]
Wake up at 5 am
It's not ok if you play csgo for 10-12 hours a day
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