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What would you do if you had 24h to live?
Reported. Dont disrespect mr. Jonathan like that again
Cringe NICKS
Just type pennyS in steam where you can find your friend and you will see if nobody use this nickname.. Its not. My fault if you didn't get the point of the thread.
Cringe NICKS
No? Cuz pennys is cringe af and it will be forever and ever.
You can translate it but ok... He said that it was his first time as an igl and that he feels bad cuz he cant frag as well as when he dont lead and he said that he is not trying to find excuse but tha...
Ancient MODDII
anyway i think it's a weird move
Ancient MODDII
i know freddieb is the igl, i said that because you said that you think they will use him in supportive role or as the new igl i was just saying they could use him for both thing that it..
Ancient MODDII
you know he can be both support and igl right ?
ENCE is dumb
i mean before he join mouz sunny wasnt an entry fragger at all and he was also really good so the roles arent a problem
Same for envy at cluj napoca right?
Cringe NICKS
nice and ? the guy who made the thread said ppl who have for nickname pennys are cringe he didnt ask you to know them so what are you complaining about ? read the thread maybe ????
Cringe NICKS
I said pennyS not kennyS what are you talking about talking about?
https://twitter.com/beyAzCSGO/status/1162682000832192513 xd he is really leading but it's his first time
https://twitter.com/beyAzCSGO/status/1162682000832192513 no
Cringe NICKS
Cuz penis pennys... You have to remember he is French.
Cringe NICKS
It's not i had a choice