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Greetings fellow HLTV user, I've been made aware you have entered the wonderland of the wonderchild (referring to JW). As his majesty, the King of Sweden obviously can't be bothered with baiting mere mortals on the internet, I have proudly been given the task of handling his online affairs in his place. If you also possess a deep understanding of Counter Strike and have acknowledged and embraced the almighty god and creator of the awp-role that is Jesper "JW" Wecksell, you may read my shortened list of his accomplishments both in- and out of game (Obviously shortened as a list anywhere near complete would take years to read, unless of course you are JW himself, an avid reader of the finest litterature.)

As many of you know, JW is often referred to as the "wonderchild", a nickname he was given shortly after birth by anyone lucky enough to witness it. The lore says he was sent by God as a gift to earth and the Counter-Strike scene, and spawned on our planet with an AWP in his hands. As soon as the young Jesper sat down to play some CS, he immediately showcased his crushing dominance and mastery of the AWP.

After 16 years of rekking noobs online, Jesper decided to bless the proffessional scene with his arrival. At the age of just 17 he won his first of 3 majors (and counting), as he single-handedly carried fnatic to victory in the first ever CSGO major. This would mark the start of what would become known as the "Fnatic era", as the team would sement their undefeatable dominance of CSGO.
This can be mainly attributed to the awping of JWonderchild, a playstyle so succesfull that it inspired the likes of kennyS and GuardiaN to attempt to replicate his fast flicks, albeit not nearly as well.

If you ever found yourself on the receiving end of JW's ownage both in- and out of game, it's not unlikely you would accuse him of cheating. Many a HLTV pleb still to this day struggle to grasp Jesper and his team's level of skill, and find cheating to be the only way to acchieve such dominance. However, any intellectual would already have realized that JW and his compatriots don't need cheats to own your bitch-ass and certainly not your favorite pro team.

After making Fnatic become the best team in the world, JW needed a new challenge and formed the team GODSENT (obviously referring to himself). Yet again he would unleash his power upon anyone standing in the way of his imminent victories. Despite being only a year older than Niko, Coldzera and S1mple (true story, check wikipedia pleb), he has won more majors than them all combined. If he wished he could have easily won all the majors, but he only has time to play counter-strike when he is not ruling Sweden whilst indulging in the finest Smorgasbord and meatballs from IKEA.

In conclusion, JW is not only the most winning CSGO player of al time, but also left an impact on the game by inventing the AWPer-role so that you can rage at your MM teammates when they don't drop you one. (Which they shouldn't unless you can master the gun like only JW can.)
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