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Astralis Era Over??? Discuss
tbh you should invest in a decent mic(maybe a cheap-ish one) and a decent facecam, would really improve your video quality. Also please lower down the volume of the background music, would rather list...
dont even think you can hit 240fps minimum consistently, 144hz is good enough
7 years ffs
in most games which are bo3 it's a better idea to just throw that last round and lose 16:0 and conserve energy for next game than try to comeback and use up all your energy trying and possibly losing ...
taxing products heavily is more effective than banning
Professional csgo Debut AMA
what happens if you need to shit during a match
Countries you want to NUKE
agree 10000% with china
bodyy more like botyy
kenny still thinks he can aim like in 2015 and peeks aggresively and misses. he needs time on the bench to train his confidence and aim because he always loses morale when the team loses a few rounds ...
CSGO pro's using Ryzen cpu?
you need decent gpu also, i7 980x will perform same as ryzen 5 2600 if both are running something like gtx 1060 at 1024 x 768 all lowest. if you upgrade to maybe something stupid like 3840 x 2160 with...
CSGO pro's using Ryzen cpu?
depends on what cpus you are comparing. 2200g is better cpu than i3 9100/8100(not counting igpu). ryzen 5 2600 is mostly on par with i5-8400, slightly worse than 9400. ryzen 7 2700x is definitely wors...
how do i get out of a slump
get wallhacks
2000dpi 1.45(400pdi - 7.25) is the best for cs
look at packet it came in
get i5-8400 and rx 570 instead
it will work with all motherboards that support ddr4, only b and h series motherboards from intel don’t support above 2666MHz ram. if you have 3200mhz ram and u use it on a b or h motherboard and turn...
FPS stuck at 60 (already tried EVERYTHING)
If you are on 60Hz, anything above 60fps will cause tearing. it’s always best to do fps_max 145 if you’re on 144hz and fps_max 121 if 120hz. constant 60fps on a 60Hz will cause the most smooth picture
Top 20 players 2018: 18th