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Nah, never was fluke with aleksib. Keep talking even navi hasnt done anything relevant for whole year.
Latvia strongest
Nt. Estonia is
Uzbekistan vs ARCRED
Yea thats why navi get to final in last major xDxD
After SANJI and Qikert yes
Lmao +1
ZywOo and s1mple
Eg could do something. Astralis would be only tough matchup.
ZywOo and s1mple
Elige NiKo s1mple coldzera ZywOo Just imagine this team lmao, they could just troll all matches and still manage to win
finns cringe
He had also c9 related profile pic. Yeah yeah its not you. Dude hating finnish people with finnish flag and praising americans and c9 like the guy did who I had to play with. Exact behavior aswell. Wh...
neymar son
" you shouldnt do because u are under 16 bla bla" saying that you shouldnt do something without giving reason is BULLSHIT. I bet cristiano would know if it was unhealthy and wouldnt let this happen to...
RpK old hair Vs New hair
Lmao after I rewatched after this comment so funny after
Must be those clowns from unicorn lovers without cheats lmao and pyth
the biggest mistake i regret
Used around 150 euros to habbo and then got scammed lmao but I dont know how. Most likely preteenagers who were on same library and told that they played too habbo hotel and i guess they watched my pa...
finns cringe
I never met so retarded man related to american and finnish culture. Theres no way its not you. Youre failure. Shame on you.
finns cringe
You must be that retard american finn from sfpl.. he said finnish people are shit meanwhile hes bad but still being arrogant, tilting then pushing to die and he says american people are smarter than ...