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Wikipedia as a source of information.
Putins propaganda brainwash ppl that world is wrong and Kremlin with its minions "patriots" are right. Hence such questions about wiki from russian users Some officials even called for creating russi...
Female CS
Isn't she just making things worse? Community perception of fe cs went from who cares to negative
Khabarovsk Russia - USA 2.0???
This governor won election having defeated ruling party candidate, called out currupt officials and heavily critisized ineffective system. Now Putin's regime accuses him of ordering multiple murders o...
BIG clarification?
You can't be sure they are not cheating especially when cheating online is 100% safe, look at leaf nobody gonna investigate Only lan can prove who they are. This ranking is nothing
BIG #1
Online doesn't count
BIG's success not just about online
Pro athlete wouldn't use doping which is 100% undetectable. Tell me more..
BIG's success not just about online
Hacking online is literally 0% risk for pro players. You are clean unless VAC (which cant detect good paid hack) catches you. BIG want to break into elite group of teams on the top and want it really ...
Dr Disrespect Banned [Update]
Im sure you can always set up your own website with streaming capabilities
Nathan 'leaf' Orf | KD: 9-22 | +/-: -13 | ADR: 51.5
If vac being total ineffective shit is the only way to prove it then the system is shit encouraging cheaters to cheat on pro level
Nathan 'leaf' Orf | KD: 9-22 | +/-: -13 | ADR: 51.5
Aside from ban nothing is more fulfilling than pathetic perfomance of a cheater when he toggles off
Nathan 'leaf' Orf | KD: 9-22 | +/-: -13 | ADR: 51.5
That little pos fully deserves it
Leaf investigation xD
If players don't risk anything with a good cheat, it must be tons of cheaters out there in pro scene
Leaf investigation xD
What is their position on the issue?
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
God vs fake god