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Go with all 5 german roster at least you could attend to some big tier tournaments
They almost qualified but they need this win to become first on their group so they will play against less strong teams on euro 2020
Hard Languages
My dad was going to usa for his business stuff everytime and when my mom got pregnant to me he had to look after my mom and they decided to move usa
Best jerseys?
The jersey that liquid wore at blast pro series los angeles
Hard Languages
My father and mom are danish so i know basic of danish but as a native english speaker i would say the hardest languages to learn are arabic,korean,chinese,russian (completely different alphabets and ...
Astralis era 19 months and still going
Astralis's era is not gonna end until they lose a major just admit it.
Almost 2020...
probably faze fan or just died to awps on his own game
you can go back and look up at blast miami.they had the same run on that tournament and after that they went back to their own tier.
Best country
Serious comment 1-USA 2-Canada 3-Australia 4-New Zealand 5-United Kingdom
As i said this before to people like you. You guys think that you are carrying your team cause you have the highest kill on the team and blaming your teammates for not killing anybody.type of you guys...
GTA 4 > GTA 5
Gta san andreas is the best gta game ever and will be change my mind.
bad aim days
I havent played the game for a month and now i started playing like ive been playing this game every day maybe its about our reflexes or mentality idk my biology sucks.
15-0 0-15
Train most boring map too difficult to play on t-side
Im from future
Did astralis win their 100th major?