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Ghost vs Rogue
+1 betting on winner here is not worth it maybe 26.5O is for 1.95 though. I'm putting a tenner for fun.
eUnited vs Luminosity
Most 50/50 match ever with no maps announced. All these predictions are bs. If you go by recent form, eUn is better, but we all know how csgo is
LDLC vs OpTic
Can't believe they don't even set up a stream. Even no commentary would be at least something.
LDLC vs OpTic
1-1 LDLC has this
LDLC vs Virtus.pro
VP's pick. LDLC gets to start CT. They have a bad T side but still almost beat VP and even stronger teams like that. Now it won't even get to 24-25 rounds with an LDLC win.
LDLC vs Virtus.pro
Yes Of course they were weak after IEM and even then almost won it. While starting on T side. Now they had a demo and time to watch where it went wrong, too.
LDLC vs Virtus.pro
No English stream?!
LDLC vs Virtus.pro
VP on nuke LUL Free $
NiP lost 0-2
??? I can't see this match on pokerstars or unibet. I wanted to bet on LDLC for both matches. Fuck this shit.
FaZe vs Liquid
Csgo results just don't make sense anymore lol
Astralis vs mousesports
At least my favourite team won....oh wait nvm. That 10-man save on mouz round 13 was painful to watch. Fun game regardless, but fuck that. (As for the bet, even the bookie I used took it down to 1.4...
Astralis vs fnatic
16-13 for astralis, calling it here
gla1ve cheater
Watching a lot of demos and analyzing player movements does that to a very skilled player.
Astralis vs mousesports
1.65 for -3.5 on Astralis nuke. After this rampage those are free odds.
LDLC vs Liquid
2:1 for liquid or LDLC win are my bets I'm rooting for LDLC and I don't want them to get beaten 2-0.