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Isurus vs paiN
EZ for pain, Argentinian bots will throw once again
Gen.G vs Cloud9
Noob.G have no chances against cloud. Maps : Dust 2 (Bot.G), Train (C9) Final score is 2-0 for c9. MVP Floppy/OSee
100 Thieves vs Cloud9
EZ for mustaches god Gratisfaction
100 Thieves vs Cloud9
Battle of tier 2 NA teams, but I think cloud 9 a little bit underrated here. I bet cloud wins 2-1
Chaos vs Gen.G
2 days ago they beat Mibr, u never know because NA scene is a trash scene. Chaos can win this easily, both teams are in tier 3 category
Chaos vs Gen.G
I don't get these odds, 3.05 against Noob.G ? Look at yesterday's match against clown 9, they are soooo bad. EZ for god Xeppaa, 500 dollars on Chaos+1.5
100 Thieves vs Chaos
100 bots will throw again, I bet Chaos win
G2 vs fnatic
G2 vs Fnatic, Throwers g2-3 vs swedish bots. Unpredictable, but I think over 2.5 is possible
Natus Vincere vs Gambit Youngsters
Gambit might win this, they played well against COL, today is a good chance to proof themselves. It will be 1.5 for Gambit in worst scenario, because of noobs Perfecto and Boombla. Simple can't carryi...
Cloud9 vs New England Whalers
EZ+1.5 on Whalers, they have good chances on Nuke and dust, clown 9 are mega Throwers.
Dignitas vs FATE
Fate is bad, but they still have a chance because dignitas are noobs, tier 3 European teams is their true level. Wanna try map 2 fate, odds are juicy
MIBR vs Evil Geniuses
It might be 2-0 for MIBR, because EG dust is terrible at all, Brazilians can close it out on Inferno. Whatever, NA is trash. Painful to watch
MIBR vs Evil Geniuses
Think it will be another 2-1 for MIBR Because of weak EG's dust, because of noob Stanislaw and god taco
FURIA vs Evil Geniuses
Guerri is a gay? Kissing with players, looks cringe tbh
FURIA vs Evil Geniuses
I won 900 dollars yesterday, thanks to Mibr. I think it will be another throwfest by EG, 2-1 but Furia surely wins. Maps Inferno, Mirage and Train, KSCERATO is a beast, Stanislaw is noob.