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Where does it say someone will be permanently banned from all tournaments, even if they are a minor. The section says : "You agree that you will not tamper with the execution of Steam or Content and ...
There's been CS:GO pros that have said they cheated before on games, Jamppi is one that got caught when he was 14. Looking at it from a legal standpoint he has all the rights to be unbanned. No 14 yea...
Global Elite = Faceit ELO?
It depends on the player, some people end up in elo hell on faceit because they can't carry and some have the IT factor and they get ranks and levels easy. You can't put a number on something that dep...
Starting Programming Need Advice
If you want to earn quick money, Learn PHP and then frameworks like SYMFONY and LARAVEL, They are mostly used for websites and stuff. The best thing in programming is trying to set goals for yourself ...
Pros you played against
Pros you played against
3 years ago lul, it was last year june
Pros you played against
nope, he was lem and queued up with vince and he's global. Then again why would you call me a liar, they're just humans.
Pros you played against
Espiranto on my team, twice against kqly, Elige, s1mple, twistzz and some others Casters: Thorin, Vince
JAVA dev come pls
Use stackoverflow next time.
Netflix Series?
The Originals and then Legacies
Ok Boomer
ok f0rsaken
ill tell you ur iq
1. favorite csgo player? depends on the day 2.does EG deserve #1 spot? No team deserves number 1, everybody beats each other right now. 3.Favorite food anything a student like myself can pay for. 4.ur...