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which car to get?
porsche 718 2.5, infiniti q60 3.0, bmw z4, toyota supra
Na'Vi come
astralis wasnt at the top a week after kjarbye left. chill man. u have no power to change anything.
Languages you speak
é pena. na verdade, graças aos cold e taco eu me forcei para estudar portugués=)
Languages you speak
quer falar conmigo?) nâo tive prática por um tempo agora
Languages you speak
cheers. u learned pt on purpose or just 4 fun?
Languages you speak
Languages you speak
como é? mora no Kazakhstan?
My life right now
just an advice. u need to move out, bruh. just pack ur things and move out. u can't ruin ur own life. u need to take ur grandma to a place where old people live just because they have staff to care ab...
Tinder help
u have to understand that women on tinder face the exact problem that u do. they cannot talk to men, they don't know what to ask, when to ask, what to respond. otherwise, they'd be with someone alread...
Russia, come here.
won't happen, bruh. if i will try to change something that i think would be better for overall people - i'll be in jail for opposing. same for you. so just move to monaco and find peace=)
Russia, come here.
don't judge the whole nation by some bunch of politicians that make huge money playing shit games that make overall people suffer and some businesses make billions out of nothing. like someone said, i...
russian government did nothing wrong to them. it was nato that attacked serbia in the last decade of 20th century.
Formula 1
vettel needs to make an appointment to a doctor.
Mexicans come in
u'll be surprised, pal=) good luck with ur trip. don't be naive and learn the way to say NO to people. and u'll be fine. tourist guide is fine, but try to speak with natives. u'll find out about cultu...
new language
there are 6 UN languages. better learn all=)