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Astrashit not the exact same photo but there you go
i think during the London major someone post his gfs ins here on hltv but i cant find it now, my old account got banned so i cant find the post by looking into my reply history :I
+1 for the lulz but xyp9x already has a gf tho
Top 5 players rn
stopped reading after 4.Zywoo
S1MPLE overrated (fact)
yeah i dont like ecov2ce either, try insult me with something else
betting exploit (legit)
lmao good one
S1MPLE overrated (fact)
expected from fnatic fan s2mple is overrated tho
Android tv box
[+18] r8 my steam profile
vac ban =/= cheating in a mp game stupid ass thats 3 years ago btw
[+18] r8 my steam profile
-Britifag -MIBR Fan true cancer right there
[+18] r8 my steam profile
you cant receive item or trade item after vac banned
[+18] r8 my steam profile
the ak 47 asiimov is added to the game in 2018 and the vac ban is issued in 2016, use your brain 0/8
[+18] r8 my steam profile
was using a trainer for black ops 2 zombies :P
[+18] Major system should be changed
i mean top 4 would work, but make it to top 3 will give an additional match for the major to play before the final, but i guess top 4 would be easier for valve an TOs to manage. Also, to reduce the t...
Internet speed of your country
currently studying in Australia, the internet here is shit, 10mbps download and costs me 100aud (60euro) per month, in denmark you could get 300/100mpbs connection for around 70aud per month.