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your country known for
Beaches, food and good weather
online school
Bestest school method and its even better if you have your classe friends on a discord ir smth
are you on lockdown?
No, because our govetnment lets everything close but then forces you to go to school
best stadium in ur country?
We have like estadio do dragao, estadio da luz and estadio jose alvalade but the one from scbraga just it's too beautiful https://jornaleconomico.sapo.pt/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/estadio-pedreira-b...
Twitch is a JOKE
There's a middle ground though
Twitch is a JOKE
shit site trying to please these dumb sjw's. every site now is completely fucked because of these rats and their political correctness
0.(9) = 1, prove me wrong
you look like a 4th grader with that reading comprehension though
just delete this shit site already
Merry Christmas
Thank you men, have a merry christmas aswell mensss
WTF Manchester United
name doesn't check out
Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo justino too stronk
Niko and his teamhistory
So much propaganda to hate him
s1mple haters come here
stfu delusional kid can't even read what i wrote "Not even talking about myself" and please stop using these shit emotes
s1mple haters come here
Not even talking about myself though so your stupid shit "I think u dont know how Rating 2.0 works" is dumb. Just accept it that there are people that think the way he plays isn't good for his team
s1mple haters come here
Who cares about rating when you lose the map? People often criticize him because they think his playstyle holds his team and his teammates back