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Mythic vs Swedish Canadians
Suprised someone from Slovakia watching this as well. U cheering for Mythic too? ;)
Sinners vs eSuba
NEOFRAG attacking 50+ kills again ez. 3-0 max 3-1 no doubt, SINNERS are finally czech org. which can achieve something in future.
Sinners vs eSuba
Holy crap this is good shit u just made up :D
Liquid vs FURIA
is NAF on druggs? Today making these mistakes so many times (3 times on Nuke) now on Mirage, knowing enemy position and still facing them without gun or with awp :D
MIBR vs Envy
ryann reminds me STYKO bot in Mouz, but STYKO was at least buying guns for mates and doing dirty solo jobs. This guy is just the reason why u feel playin 4v6 ^^
MAD Lions vs MIBR
When I was all-in on hcp +4.5 rounds on Map 2 ofc Fallen couldnt hit a single frag, now I am all-in on MAD and ofc this brazilian slutt is hiting so many clutches. Fk this shet
FURIA vs Evil Geniuses
Cerq WTFFFFFFF are u serious? U MUST WATCH THIS FLICK, guys
Liquid vs MIBR
270 000 CZK is equal to around 10.5k Euros. Idk what u dont get mr "Slovakia"
Liquid vs MIBR
Alright, just threw everything i won during last couple of weeks, bye 10 500 Euros on Over 25.5 rounds. Imagine me being so much satisfied with 8-7 half almost celebrating 1.22 odd checked :D Now.....
Liquid vs MIBR
I had to clip this guys :D I had to :D kNgV changing underwear right after this !!!
Chiefs vs Rooster
In middle of last round, the odd on Rooster was at my czech betting company still 1.28 so I went all-in around 4000 Euros. What if they set "Void"? Do you guys think I should claim if they set odd to...
AGO vs Sprout
OSKAR GOD SHOT woooow - watch this!
100 Thieves vs G2
1200 EUR on 100 shets map 2. when leading 5-0 odd 1.16 is the best thing to ruin the whole fkin weekend. Piece of shet
100 Thieves vs G2
Omg 100 shets cant even win against deagles afterplant. 100 bots
Sprout vs Heroic
He heard molotov hit so gtfo crykid ;)