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G2 vs Vega Squadron
That guy is literally noob like Styko with his silver spray controll.... He just lost them the game
Idc, i am just happy that bot STYKO is out. Thank god, such a overrated player who cant even control sprays.
Cloud9 vs FaZe
Unbelievable RAIN clutch 1v3 just with p250
Renegades vs ViCi
I think Rene will actualy qualify and I would like to see them on major. For example for me, personally, I love their inferno for a long time already. And less chinese team are on major, much better....
Renegades vs ViCi
Now reset them and gg. Even though that drop jump with bomb was funny as hell :D
Renegades vs ViCi
Another retake, just WOW. xD Sad i didnt bet that +5.5 rounds, i would be opening champagne already :(
Renegades vs ViCi
Well, screw it :D Was wondering about beting +5.5 rounds on Vici but if I am not sure they start CT, it would be suicide. xD Thx for responses tho ;)
Renegades vs ViCi
any1 knows who starts on CT side, please???
fnatic vs Cloud9
Yaaaas, here i bet 400 Euros on Cloudí and I win!!! <3 On other streram hcp +6.5 rounds on LG, wohoooo. Uff, so close tho, 400 Euros bet, yaaay <3 Heni
Liquid vs Luminosity
Hcp +6.5 rounds on LG, wohoooo. Uff, so close tho, 400 Euros bet, yaaay <3 Heni
fnatic vs Cloud9
Dat audio volume changing during stream is so funny. #RIPEARS
OpTic vs Heroic
Sorry guys, i just had to CLIP this SUICIDE :D Its not optic, its not heroic, its EPIC :D
Renegades vs mousesports
#DDPC I love how he didnt even make a smile after that ^^
NiP vs Windigo
Poizon 1v4 afterplant clutch!!!! Poizon, sorry for missclick in the name, here is the clip for you guys, who couldnt see. #RipNiP
eSuba vs Brute
Kinzo aim reminds me STYKO aim in full spray... zero control, always cant handle crossbar. Is this shet what I bet my money on? Oh my lord, oooh my lord.