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Destruction brings creation.



Had the pleasure of meeting Benny Harvey at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.

Benny Harvey, RIP.
Gone, but not forgotten.
Miss you big man!


It doesn't matter what comes
Fresh goes better in life
With Mentos fresh and full of life
Nothing gets to you
Staying fresh, staying cool
With Mentos, fresh and full of life!

Fresh goes better
Mentos freshness
Fresh goes better
With Mentos, fresh and full of life!

Mentos, the freshmaker!

My brother's banned account. May it rest in peace.

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Think of it this way: if your God truly is the one true God, why would he let different religions flourish? The only reason He would is if those religions were actually just worshipping him.

EDIT: I actually want to expand on this a bit more. Let's say, for example, the Abrahamic God is the real God (which he is, because he's just another interpretation of the one true God, or we can even get a bit more basic with this and just call Him a holy spirit or maybe even just some kind of afterlife, as strange as that sounds). That would mean that He essentially damned people who weren't exposed to him, like the Muslim/Jewish/Christian worlds were. Unless, the Gods that they worshipped (Buddha, perhaps as a manifestation of God or maybe even a holy entity that is normally with God despite the fact Buddhists do not worship Buddha as a god, Fetishist gods, etc.) are just different manifestations of God. That would mean, for example, those who came before the worship of the Abrahamic God, such as those worshipping Greek gods, or Norse gods, or Celtic gods, or Egyptian gods, or even basic Indo-European gods, were just worshipping the one true God in a different skin so to say.
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