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Echoes 2019
unbelievable shit
r8 bhop video
lul autobhop
MAD Lions vs Complexity
Turns out beating tier 2 NA and SA teams isn't all that good, but is to be expected. They still have the potential to be a better team.
Going Pro in Valorant AMA
Only CSGO pros are Alphas, Valorant's still beta =w=
Going Pro in Valorant AMA
Why do you want to become a BetaMale?
If it's balanced then yeah, it works like a skill that has a very high ceiling, similar to map knowledge, aim, nades and etc. Even now it works in csgo but unfortunately it's way too dull and random-b...
Have you ever played 1.6 to understand how balanced the speeds are? They are nowhere near about what you are worrying. On the other hand though, early CS:S DID have this problem and it was extremely u...
It's not an opinion it's a fact. The airaccelerate doesn't allow you to properly move mid air and the bhop mechanics ARE random no matter how good you are scrolling. In 1.6 you can perfectly master th...
If anything CS:GO and CS:S movement are wonky as fuck, random based too. 1.6 movement is still one of the few things being tiers above compared to them.
NIP 2017 1 week top1
NaVi #1?
No, I forgot it existed but it further helps my point that Astralis had a better resume than mouz, hence why they stayed first during their time compared to now.
NaVi #1?
You are missing the context of quality of the tournaments they attended, which teams at the same time won other tournaments and which result matter over an extended period of time such as the playr br...
NaVi #1?
It coincided with Astralis' wins which were more impressive, however, for the last 3 months neither Astralis or Mouz had impressive form, while Navi had top1 katowice, top1 blast groups and top2 ice c...
Economy of EU?
af kourze.
Economy of EU?
Considering that Australia is the capital of the sixth biggest country in europe, all the while it finds itself in the most strategical geographical point within the continent, I'd say that it is the ...