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Natus Vincere vs G2
People are retarded and doesnt understand that being good in the past =\= being good now. Same was with guardian, faze was holding him waaay too long; and even then he somehow managed to get singed by...
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
Youre retarded, aint you?
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
Then youre dumb. Inferno for example, rotations are so far away, that if one plant collapses not only rotations cant help before bomb is planted, often they waste lot of time just to go into positions...
forZe vs Anonymo
Much better team but force has more money or am wrong? Also, forze for a long time was better team than spirit and they can be better again, but they defibitelly need changes
forZe vs Anonymo
Then why he is not playing today?
forZe vs Anonymo
Wait wait wait wait. Forze wants to kick sexpower and yet they were dumb enought not to get degster????????????
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Thx for house loser abahah
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
Does eg finally has a chance when no heni?
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Thx for free odds on liquid inferno. Navi is just so bad on inferno
GamerLegion vs TheDice
Ofc lose 4c2 in the last round to lose overtime, why the fuck not
Ence new roster leaked
Ence keeping being dumb geting uselles snappi, dycha being dumb singning for dead team
why care about s1mple and zywoo?
Everyone knows that best player is loba, case closed
I have no idea whi he is and why should i care that he is dumb
Huh? I ask why they playing if sprout wanted full german lineup