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BENQ 144hz discount
does the curved monitor in anyway affect you ?
AMD users come here
Sure. On other games the difference between Intel and AMD is even smaller, just in singelcore heavy games just as CSGO or some MMO's the difference is notable.. RX 580 is just fine for Full HD gaming
AMD users come here
R7 1700 + RX 580 220-300 fps with fps max 300
New Zealand shooting
quality is actually pretty good
EU pro scene
Your PSU is pretty solid for the RX580, go for it
your 3-0 / 0-3?
c9 3-0 grayhound 0-3
Starcrafters 2 come here
Heart of the Swarm was the shit and then Legacy of the Void came out and destroyed it all.
New mouse
I have ss310 sensei and have the double click issue aswell, don't no how often it occurs but the possibility is always there it seems
eUnited // Swole Changes
i think its like when the core (3 players) go to another org they take the spot with them
Need help about PC parts.
No it's a way too old generation, go for i5 3k 4k maybe 2k generation
Need help about PC parts.
Try to get a decent used mobo cpu combo for like 120$ and for 80$ a used gpu. For 200$ you can't get any decent new I would suggest something like i5 3570 and a motherboard or something newer 4690k a...
go for a cpu cooler and safe your money
Politically left or right?
I don't mean such a extreme case, but a little bit more for the people and less for the big corporations. If you don't learn a good job in todays world you are living in the modern slavery...
new pc advice
Spend less on CPU and go for a better GPU