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Liquid will win
good luck to them of course but their chances are equal to zero. I hope they come back but this is 3rd best map of Astralis. So sad that they lost their confidence.
Good luck in the finals to both teams
Nope man, damn the year of 2018 gave me a lot of hype. I was waking up every time a tournament was too late for my timezone so lmao. Yeah watching Astralis is boring but they have insane game sense a...
(+18) r8 hot girl
i think i just lost my virginity because of your girl i give you a thanks/10 for her.
Longest top1 streak
it seems Fnatic is getting a bit hawt over the PLG Grand Slam? What do you think?
Longest top1 streak
yes and they already have beaten the Sk longest peak at 58 weeks so yeah i think it's probably Astralis right now. vs Swole Patrol
thx for details. vs Swole Patrol
is motm stand in for MARKE? i dont get it.
Rate my 1v5 awp clutch
ehm ok man 7/8 man you're not kennys but for sure 2nd kill was a flicko of the wristo good luck idk why i asked your rank because i really dont care :D x2 good luck at hitting those shots
Rate my 1v5 awp clutch
ehm what's your rank tho?
Tried MM after F2p
watching anermly? At least i heard that phrase from Gay boy Anomaly
Brazilians xd
+1 too much cruelty towards brazilians. stop that behaviour.
ur english lvl?
take a guess :)
ur english lvl?
below GCSE!!! , that's what my English teacher said.
finally liquid
who cares really at least they won it with the new roster man. Feels good for them. Keep it up Liquid.
finally liquid
well done