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Mantuu is not British fix it lol
I understand you. Hunter was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina lives in Bosnia, his parents were born in Bosnia yet he would rather have a Serbian flag on hltv because he sees himself as a Serb. NiKo, th...
friend in your language
FaZe vs Vitality
Which pro do you hate the most?
NiKo said it himself that he doesn't like being the IGL but if that is what the team needs he will be the IGL. Also cold now is the secondary caller to help him a bit.
CS:GO vs Football
Niko is from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ibrahimović's dad is also from Bosnia. NiKo - Ibrahimović confirmed
Questions for Muslims
No, don't mix Bosniaks with Turks and Arabs. They aren't remotely the same
girls smart?
I'm dead
thicc or fit girls?
Finnish ur speak don't
countries u like
Oh, Bosnia ans Herzegovina. Nice
brokyy AWP > olof AWP ?
You both know Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most relevant country because that's where NiKo is from. Bosnia #1, India and the Netherlands are irrelevant sorry to inform you but that's the situation ri...
FaZe vs Liquid
They qualified for the finals before the match against Liquid. Faze had no reason to even try to win that game. It was just a waste of energy before the final
FaZe vs EG
One SG553 nerf is all it takes and Ethan, Tarik and Brehze are top 30 at best. Comparing Cerq with NiKo...
New monitor - 1080p 144hz or 1440p 144hz
Unless you have a GPU like the RTX 2080 or 2080ti, you wont be able to run most AAA games at 1440p with 144fps. I would personally go for 1080p 144hz as it is much cheaper.
Broky rich -____-
Lmao what about NiKo compared to the average income in Bosnia and Herzegovina
NiKo back?
So he needs to turn around more and not hold angles to be good? Nice one