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Talking with girls 2
Talking with girls 2
If you have stories and experiences you can share, then it becomes easy to talk about stuff. If you're boring and she is boring, then it just won't be fun to have conversations haha
ISIS finance?
Trying to fight an idea is kinda silly. There was a documentary talking about how the ONLY reason a guy joined ISIS is because the U.S killed his father who happened to be a part of the Taliban. I gue...
Vitality vs mousesports
I hope dust 2 is played, both teams seem insane on it.
Sweden refugees
Yeah I think it's just because of a larger influx of people.
Was the moon landing fake?
What type of cheese? American???
Astralis vs NiP
You know things are bad when fans of incomplete rosters are trashing a team
Astralis vs NiP
I'd say if you looked at previous counterstrike teams or teams in other esports with very dominate runs, the future is destined to bring a new team that rises to the top. It's kinda a big game of King...
compLexity vs NRG
They currently suck, but at one point they didn't. And that demonstrates what is called "potential". As NRG is a potentially good team, but they aren't right now haha.
compLexity vs NRG
I aren't think that's how it works.
Astralis vs AVANGAR
Good work! Also when eating at a lower level intake to lose weight, remember to do weight training as it'll help you retain ALOT of muscle as you lose weight.
I'm not sure if anybody answered already but Adult Male consumes about 2500 calories each day just by existing, if you can cut that to 2000 you can average a pound lost each week. Physical exercise wi...
C9 Draken
watch smooya get signed
Almost got kicked out of school AMA
Life is about perspective, if you think you made all the wrong moves, that's the wrong move lol. Just think about how this changes you as a person moving forward