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U don’t need best players
ex spaces >>> asstralis bring back spaces
I will end the astralis era.
frick you
only ence can win Ast
space soldiers was antidote of Astralis
allu glock whiff plz
why did you eat your city?
giving mvp to a support player ? why
no,he is pretty decent.
2 ? i dont think there is "bots" in Liquid,only wrong roles played by wrong people
Tv Shows
I mean you are also right in your own way. I personally at first loved these characters because of their lifestyle and accents. Kept watching even tho i got bored at some parts and got used to it more...
Tv Shows
THATS THE POINT you hated them because they were acting good :DDD i also fucking hated polly so much and thought ada was just a stupid ass bitch but i got used to them after sometime because they chan...
Tv Shows
whoa really ? i loved tom so fucking badly and both arthur and ada was amazing too TOM HARDYY ?? He was so fucking good with his role and you have Freddie the commie which is a amazing character too a...
Tv Shows
everyone has different taste anyway but still that show has amazing acting and amazing story imo
Tv Shows
why peaky blinders so low ? i loved that show have you watched the whole first and second seasons ?
wtf they just going to watch some demos just like every whamen and men do together
CASTER??? Launders....
same,used to not like him because of his voice and talking style now i just love that guy,one of the best casters for me
This host
she has enough knowledge for a host imo