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NiP vs Vitality
Is Vitality's coach Lex Luthor?
Keep the Comms Up vs New England Whalers
Chaos beat Liquid KTCU beat Chaos Whalers beat KTCU
Endpoint vs Nordavind
I'm guessing EP picked Dust2 based on Nordavind's Dust2 last night against Sprout. Still think Vertigo was the better option for EP to veto..
Endpoint vs Nordavind
Based on what mate?
Warriors International vs Big Frames
Why not just post the proof irregardless?
Sprout vs Nordavind
>9-3 against a force buy with an opportunity to make it a respectable half >Don't hold tunnel angle, allow force buy guns into B site >10-3 really
Endpoint vs KOVA
Kova have started every T Round with 4 people..keep dry peaking the awp
Endpoint vs KOVA
Kova mechanically look better in strats, Endpoint are definitely dominating with aim. Kova will win half 9-6. Margin is bigger when you remove pistol/follow up round loss and losing 2 favourable posi...
Japaleno vs Movistar Riders
Why is a guy holding on site ontop of box holding no angle while baiting team mate and not getting the trade anyway..really.. I literally thought exactly the same thing m8
Secret vs HellRaisers
4-0 lose to eco lose several favourable positions 4-5
Salamander vs Complexity
Couldn't the same logic be applied that they'll win 2-0 to end the match in the quickest fashion
Chiefs vs Ground Zero
11-1 Lose to Eco 11-13 15-14 lose to force buy 19-16 Sure Chiefs won but this should have beeeeen way cleaner. Cmon Chiefs!
Nemiga vs Gambit Youngsters
6. Gambit Youngsters removed Vertigo 7. Mirage was left over Anyone why they would pick Mirage over Vertigo (8/9)
Sprout vs Heretics
Lets ignore that the player they brought in was a coach or banned previously.. The fact that a sub was made from a predetermined roster should be enough to cancel bets. CSGO is not a game made for su...