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NA Dream roster
nt bymas
Faze cmon
Mibr won a BO1 against faze .....
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The odds: 100 * 99 * 98 * 97 * 96 =1 in 9 034 502 400
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The best off the bunch: - Brehze (13) - Magisk (55) - Flaime (16) - Krimz (28) - Elige (38)
Kjaerbye Where???
Nordavind ez +Kjearbye -HS/Cromen
Faze fix
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Faze Clan #1
If faze win blast (the only tournament they seem to be able to win) then faze #1 on hltv . Source: Trust me bro
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Ehm no? Zywoo / S1mple good with the rifle NAF is a beast with a rifle Nexa and gla1ve have a tendency to just frag out off nowhere
I watched tlok last week. I loved the 1st and 3rd season. The 4th season was kind off iffy beacuse off the ending and how it sometimes felt rushed and it dident make sense, but it still had some good ...
If you legit thing that TLOK is better u should be banned from life. Personlay i rate some off the aspects but you cant compare them. If you have watched the 2. season you know how bad it acctually is...
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I really dont think so. You have atleast 2 godly fraggers, 2 solid support players whom can frag and call at a high level and one wilde card player which could create space and get you over the line.
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Gla1ve ofc, with Nexa secondary. Nexa is such an underrated frager, as you could see at the starladder major for crazy.
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S1mple ZywOo Gla1ve Nexa NAF/Rain Ez Top 1 *If S1mple ego too big -S1mple + Niko anud ZywOo main AWP
Some of them (Renegades, Sharks atleast) got invited beacuse they couldent participate in last seasons epl due to the epedemic. All of them where invited to the EU pro league initially but withdrew du...