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The height of you and your parents
Me: 181cm Dad: 172cm Mom: 167cm
European Union
Who is talking?
Brazil, Poland
But still there is a lot of Ukrainians in Poland and I really like them. It's definitey better to have you, because we used to be one country in the past.
Brazil, Poland
Well - It is very dangerous to leave your home, because you can be run over by drunk driver.
electronic to Liquid
Ofc he speaks, because he has tongue.
Because we want to colonize your shithole like Arabs? We have everything from your government - jobs, cars and money.
poland come
Da fck man? As I said before, we receive a lot of money, but also we help in gratitude. We were completely shit that needed help in 1990s after communism, that's why we have to get money to boost our ...
Your hours past 2 weeks?
poland come
"Our" money. You're nothing for us little Sweden, but still we helped you a lot of times for example
poland come
Man, read some American newspaper and see how everyone is laughing at your country and at the same time praising Poland for leading the resistance in EU.
American republicans
USA is a land of full capitalism, not socialism like UE. You can become millionaire, but also fall down as young guy, it depends on your engagement towards education. Healthcare was made on capitalism...
Acne Shocking
Go to doctor and ask for isotretinoinum
no fap day 7
Not that hard if you're not addicted to it.
Best non-german hltv
Nazi ideas still alive
I am about to cum